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AE Quick Halation Preset

AE FIlm Halation Preset Name Your Own Price So Halation is cool, right? You know, that red tinge effect around highlights when shooting on film? I gue...


AE Cthulhu Anchor Point Script

Cthulhu AE Script Name Your Own Price So here’s the deal. This was an absolute headache to create.  I’m in the early days of After Effects script...


Intro to the VFX Pipeline

Ok, fellow Martians, if you’re into VFX and want an introductory look into the machine that works behind the scenes, your boy gotcha! Having a clear...


Project Management: For Short Films

First, I say this is for Short Films, and yes, this is true, but you can also use this for commercial projects like 30s, 60s, 120s, 28:30 infomercials...