In the sun-drenched paradise of Southern California, prepare to meet Tim C. Szabics, the maestro of pixels, the puppeteer of creativity, and the self-proclaimed pun king – Marsgohome! Brace yourself for a wild ride through his multidimensional talents as a Musician, Artist, Storyteller, VFX/MoGraph magician, Editor extraordinaire, Writer of wonders, Director of dreams, and of course, a connoisseur of delicious Mexican Food.

With a whopping five years of professional Legal Video wizardry under his belt and a whopping fifteen years of experience working with clients of all shapes and sizes, Tim knows how to make the magic happen. Born with an insatiable appetite for entertainment and a knack for slyly nudging counter-culture viewpoints, he’s on a mission to spread the gospel of acceptance, love, and empathy – one mind-blowing project at a time.

But wait, there’s more! Tim’s claim to fame lies in his captivating music videos, addictive internet TV shows no one has seen, mind-blowing national and international commercials you might have seen, infomercial extravaganzas if you are old, and a treasure trove of award-winning shorts that redefine what it means to push boundaries. With the spirit of DIY and independent artistry burning fiercely within him, Tim fearlessly blazes a trail that leaves audiences in awe – or gasping for air.

Marsgohome is here to entertain, inspire, and make you crack a smile – *guaranteed!

*results may vary

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