Project Management Tracker

Project Management is essential to a successful project. In my opinion, anyway. That’s why I created a super groovy Google Sheet that does exactly that. For me, this is cheaper than paying for an expensive Project Management System, especially when I’m working solo or in a small team setting. 

Whether I’m juggling one project or a bunch at a time, I know exactly the where, what, who, and when of the project at all times.

Below is my basic sheet.

Basic Information

Pretty self-explanatory. Just select the PRIORITY of the job. The color code makes it easy to see from a birds-eye view.

Remember when you put your magnificent name in the “User” field in the “Template Options?” This is where it would show up. Pretty neat, eh?

This is when the Project is started and when it’s DUE! If it goes past the due date, it’ll turn red. Now, eventually, even if the job is completed, the field will turn red. It can’t be all perfect.

Again, pretty self-explanatory. What’s the status? Make it a game. Make them ALL GREEEEEEN! More green, more money, right? I think that’s how it works.

Track all your comments here. Right-Click on the cell and Click on the Comments section of the drop down. Boom! Insert client communications, issues, why the job is stuck or anything you want!

Name your Own Price

I Want This!

For those more intense projects/teams

Sometimes, I need to have a bit more control. And for that, I have a sheet just for that. More information to track. 

CLient List

Color Coded ACTIVE and INACTIVE dropdown

Name of CLIENT

Client Address

Client’s website (optional)

Client’s folder – local drive/google drive/network/dropbox/whatevs

When they became a Client – great for sending anniversary gifts! Clients love that crap! 

Good for closing out accounts.

Client and/or job details

Client Person Of Contact

Phone Number/Email/ICQ/whatevs


Pretty self-explanatory.  Just select the PRIORITY of the job.  The color code makes it easy to see from a birds-eye view.

Team & Lead

Keep track of team members, production leads, and all working with or for you. Necessary inputs will populate the central job tracker.  Pretty neat, eh?

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