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AE Quick Folders

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If you want to work faster and more efficiently, it’s vital to have an organized folder structure. You DON’T have to use this one, but you SHOULD have one – something – anything.  Besides, your AE folder structure is like an underwear drawer.  Keep it clean?  

Here’s a little script to help quickly make folders in an After Effects project.  These are the folders I use consistently, but you can delete some, rename a few, or not even use this script. It’s free, and who doesn’t like free?!

For information on how to install/Use, please visit our Knowledge Base Documentation.


If you’d like to load a template you dig as a default (or any template you desire), you can have After Effects load one automatically!

In After Effects:

Edit > Preferences > New Project > Load that baby up!

NOTE: AE CC2020 Project