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So Halation is cool, right? You know, that red tinge effect around highlights when shooting on film? I guess the actual definition of Halation is spreading light beyond its proper boundaries in a developed photographic image.

Look, Davinci Resolve has a nifty little Halation effect that is WAY better than this preset, but what the hell? Sometimes you want to say inside After Effects – even if it is just for preview purposes. So, I created a preset to slap on there. Four steps and you’re ready to rock!

  • Step 1: Duplicate Your Footage Layer – NAME IT “Halation!” Because we always name our layers!
  • Step 2: Drag the MGH-Quick Halation V2 preset onto YOUR NAMED Footage Layer.
  • Step 3: Adjust the setting Per Taste and Per Shot.
  •  Step 4: Set the Adjustment Layer to ADD blend mode.

Also, this might not work for every situation – for example, I do run into issues with the highlights on hair – so it may take some finessing. Besides that, it’s quick, works well on 3D renders, and helps add to that coveted “film look.”

For information on how to install Presets/Scripts, please visit our Knowledge Base Documentation.


As you can clearly see here… BORING AF!


HOLY S*%*!!! Look at that sweet Halation!